Good Quote 12-9-15

“The wall of separation between church and state is important and should be maintained.   However, it should not be extended and reinterpreted as the separation of God and state.

There is nothing in our Constitution or its amendments to indicate that all vestiges of faith must be removed from the public square.  This inappropriate extension of the concept of separation of church and state is in fact in direct opposition to the portion of the First Amendment that says Congress can make no law “prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  This phrase means that no one should be prohibited from living a life of faith according to the dictates of conscience, as long as they are not harming others.”

Dr. Ben Carson, A More Perfect Union

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Hi! I'm Cindy, and I am a retired teacher, wife, and mother of a 20 year old. I am a Christian with great interest in living for the Lord in my daily life. My Christian worldview permeates every thing I do and say, at least when my sin doesn't get in the way! My family and friends are very important to me. I have a great interest in the Blble, moral issues, politics, books music, and popular culture. I love writing, going to church activities, swimming, and exercising. I have a personal interest in disability and adoption issues. I write devotionals, political commentary, reviews, poetry, and some fiction and I guess whatever I feel like. I guarantee you will not agree with me on everything. I welcome your constructive comments and hope we can have a great sharing of the minds.
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