Help in Praising God: Attributes of God, A to Z

by Cindy Bleuler Tucker, with the participation of many Facebook friends.


Compiled by Cindy Bleuler Tucker

 I have difficulty praising God when I pray. I love God, I stand in awe of Him, but I get tongue-tied and my mind becomes blank. It seems easy to ask God for stuff or thank Him for answering my prayer, but I often stop there.

Author Janet Thompson suggests “one way to praise God is simply to acknowledge His attributes…One way I like to praise God, especially in a group setting, is going through the alphabet and naming the qualities that start with each letter…” I decided that I would use the forum of Face Book. For about a month, I posted the challenge “Name an attribute of God that begins with… and then I would name an attribute- God is…

Some of my FB friends participated. There were some of my friends that gave an attribute nearly every day. I would regularly go back and check my notifications and so blessed by the comments. I wrote each answer down and below is a compilation of that list. I think a great devotional time would be taking one attribute each day and meditating on it.

I would like to thank my FB friends Julie Hoelter Bishop, Sharon Blair, Carol Kilgore Brown, Joshua Brown, Becky Cochran, Pam-Terry Cole, Karen George Joking Comedienne, Launa Cooke, Marie Drake, Barry Farmer, Cindi Bleuler Fayette, LarryDeb Fleming, Jamie Fugate, Amy Day Gilbert, Jerre Lynn Easton Gilstrap, Angela Smith Hasty, Karen Sue Hale, Tammy Howard, Christina Hurley, Willa Williamson Ibach, Audrey Jones, Susan Langley Kemp, Rebecca Landis, Margee Lee, Kelly Ross Madewell, Keri Tucker Motley, Clay Newsome, Becky Millican Norris, Brad Patterson, Coy Lanley Patton, Donna Holder Pope, Kay Helton Provonsha, Libby Barnett Putman, Sheri Dillingham Repenning ,Shelia Childers Ridings, Caren Southerland, Kim Starke, Cindy Scoggins, Cathy Scott, Renee Tarpley, Bonnie Ezell Tinker, Sharon Denise Tinney, Louise Tucker, Michelle Tucker, Holly Clarke Vickery, Diana Dalton Wehrmann, Jamey White, and Janet Cerutti White for their contributions to this list.


                                                   Attributes of God

A                                                             B                                                        C                                                                                                                                                       

Advocate                                                    Beginning of All Things                Creator

Awesome                                                    Benevolent                                      Creature

Arbitrator                                                     Beautiful                                        Counselor

Army                                                           Beholding Light                              Comforter

Anxiety-Lifter                                            Blazing                                             Committed

Amazing                                                      Baptizing                                         Constant

All-Knowing                                               Bountiful Love                               Compassionate

Alpha                                                             Bold                                                Coming King

Almighty                                                       Brilliant                                         Conqueror

All-in-All                                                       Bridegroom                                  Covenantal

The Beginning and the End


D                                                                  E                                                  F         


Divine                                                            Eternal                                         Faithful

Deliverer                                                       Everlasting Father                     Forgiving

Daddy                                                            Elohim                                         Forgiveness

Determined                                                  El Shaddai-God Almighty       Feeling

Dependable                                                  Everlasting Love                       Fantastic Forever

Delightful                                                      Enduring                                   Fountain of Truth

Debt-Remover                                             Encouraging                             Forever Forgiving

Dignified                                                       El Roi-the God that Sees       Faultless

Definitive                                                                                                          Flawless



Father God

Forever near to Us

Faithful Friend



G                                                             H                                                 I

Gracious                                                   Holy                                               Intelligent Design

Generous                                                  Hope                                              Intercessor

Glorious                                                    Healer                                           Infinite

Guidance                                                  Happiness                                    Immortal

Great                                                          Hallowed                                     The Great I Am

Giving                                                        Holy, Holy, Holy                         In My Heart

God Alone is Good (Mark 10:18)         Humble

Grace                                                          Helpful



J                                                             Meditate                                      K

Just                                                           on One                                           God Knows All

Jealous                                                     Attribute                                       Kind

Joyful                                                       of God                                            King

Jovial                                                      Each Day                                        King of Kings

Judge                                                                                                                Kinsman Redeemer

Jehovah                                                                                                            Knowledgeable


L                                                         M                                                      N

Love                                                      Merciful                                              Noble

Light                                                     Mighty                                                Make All Things New

Life                                                       Master                                                 Nice

Living                                                  Mysterious                                          New Life

Lasting                                                Majestic                                               Never Fails

Life Blood                                          Maker

Lord of Lords                                    Manna

Light of the World


Lion of Judah

Longing for All



O                                                    P                                                         Q

Omnipresent                                  God in Three Persons-                   Quickly Come to

Omnipotent                                    Father, Son and Holy Spirit          Our Rescue

Omniscient                                     Passionate                                         Quiet

Observant                                       Perfection                                          Quick

On Time                                          Persistent                                          Quintessential




R                                                   S                                                       T

Real                                                Sovereign                                          Timeless

Right                                              Supreme                                            Truth

Refuge                                           Sustainer                                           True

Righteous                                     Strong and Mighty                          Trusting

Radiant                                         Safe                                                    Tender

Ruler                                            Shepherd                                           Transcendent

Rock                                            Still, Small Voice

Refiner                                       Sent Savior

Redeemer                                  Supernatural

Restorer                                     Son of God

Refresher of My Spirit


U                                            V                                                       W

Unites                                      Victorious                                          Wisdom

Unfailing                                 Vitality                                               Wonderful

Unique                                     Visual                                                Wondrous

Unfaltering                              Vine                                                  Wise

Ultimate                                   Virtue






X or Ex                                 Y                                                   Z

Exceptional                             Yahweh                                          Zealous

Exceptional                             Yearning                                        Zion

Exalted                                     Yesterday, Today, and Forever




Exalted on High

X Roman Numeral-10 commandments

X- First Letter of Christ in Greek
























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