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An Open Letter to Mr. Johnny Heard

by Cindy Bleuler Tucker Mr. Heard was my high school journalism teacher and the most influential teacher in my life.  He taught at Mac Arthur High School, Irving, Texas for many years.  He is in hospice care and more than anything else, … Continue reading

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American Idol 2012:Songs I Would Like to Hear the Top 8 Sing

I am an American Idol geek.  About the time the top 12 appear, I am a die-hard fan,  rarely missing an episode.  I vote every week and publish my vote on Facebook.  I yell ” No!”  at the T.V. screen when a … Continue reading

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May 27, 2012-Christ’s Return?

by Cindy Bleuler Tucker Church of God-pkg prophet Ronald Weinland predicts that Christ will return to claim His own and the earth will fall into great disaster.  The date?  May 27, 2012, this coming Sunday.  My initial reaction? Oh, if … Continue reading

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God’s Providence Even in the Life of a Dog

August 2011 Because Murray shallowed a fishhook which stuck in his esophagus and surgery through his chest would be traumatic, Dr. James moved it to Murray’s stomach.  Because Dr. James took the fishhook out through the stomach, Dr. James found a tumor … Continue reading

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